Where do they come from, the ideas and the inspiration? Personally, for me it varies a lot. Sometimes I wake up in the morning and have a complete lyric ready in my mind just waiting for me to find the time to write it down. Other times I see something that makes me want to tell a story. I can also get a sentence that I work around until I have some lyrics I’m happy with, and sometimes I just get a word that transforms me into a certain mood that inspires a lyric.  All these ways of writing are inspirational, and it is wonderful when it is possible to ride on the waves of inspiration.

Not every day comes with a creative flow. Sometimes graft is required. If the words fail me, I try to think of a rhythm instead; or I give myself a challenge to try and tell a story in very few words. I also love to write verses where every second line rhymes. (If you read my last blog, the lyric to the song “Darkness” is written in that fashion).

Having been writing for a few years, the subject matters may start to feel a bit similar. Even the way I structure a song lyric can start to feel a bit old. Verse, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, most times get you to a three-minute song, but it isn’t very original. A bridge always spices things up, and if you are anything like me (a bit wordy) the bridge gives you a chance to expand on your chosen subject matter.  I also try to vary the tempo as much as I possibly can between my verses and my choruses to make for more interesting melodies. Still, I have started to feel that on the rare occasions I am writing lyrics to a melody I’ve been given, it is much easier to find a more original subject to write about. The melody gives me that additional dimension and inspiration that verbally takes me to places I never would have considered without that specific melody.

Do I see not writing music as a handicap? Sometimes yes, because even though I still haven’t attempted to write a melody, I quite often “hear” a certain style of music when writing my lyrics. I sense it would be a good rock, pop, blues, jazz song or maybe a power ballad, but when the composer takes over the lyrics I can’t deny him or her their creative freedom when it comes to interpreting my words. Sometimes, if my feeling is very strong, I may suggest that genre, but so far, I have never insisted. If I were to write my own melodies I would get away from this kind of compromise, but so far I would have ended up with a poorer song in every instant, because even though music plays such a big part in my life, I have yet to attempt any kind of composing.

I’m going to leave you with a lyric of mine that got to the semi-finals in the UK Songwriting Competition in 2016. This is one time I went for the minimalistic approach in my verses, mainly because the first verse; “The cold empty feeling, when something is gone. To late to start over, to soon to move on.” just appeared to me as it is, and I built on that. Fredrik Holm is the composer and I’ll give you the link to a very early demo of the song too.

Take care and happy writing until next time!



The cold, empty feeling

when something is gone.

Too late to start over,

too soon to move on.


The joy of our meetings

has faded away.

If I’d seen it happen,

I’d asked it to stay.



It feels like I’m standing

in the eye of the storm.

It’s cold and it’s weary,

I’m too numb to keep warm.

’cause deep down I know that it’s over,

and I’m all alone once again.


I miss being quiet

with you by my side.

Show weakness and sadness,

forget about pride.


To laugh about nothing,

to know what you think.

It’s all in the past now,

it went in a blink.



©Åsa Sandberg 2016


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