Free at last

In my opinion, I am sitting in a very enviable place right now. I’ve been given the music for the last of the three peace anthems for choirs that I am writing together with Fredrik Holm. It is so much fun writing lyrics to music. To have the pleasure to do precisely that in front of me once again, feels amazing.
At least now I know how lucky I am. In other situations, I haven’t always been aware of how very special something is. For instance, I would like to go back in time to have the pleasure to read all the Harry Potter books again for the first time, and this time really treasure the moment of getting to know that magical world for the first time. The same goes for the TV-series “24”. I would give anything to be able to go back and watch the first four of those series again for the very first time. I can’t say, I didn’t appreciate how good that series was the first time around, but it is so rare that something comes along, that is so good it would be nice to relive the feeling and experience.
I got the music to this, final, peace anthem a couple of days ago. With the two others, the titles came to me the first time I listened to the melodies. Because it’s been a while since the last one, I didn’t know if the same thing would happen again, or if I would struggle. Luckily, I was able to feel that special joy when the words just appeared. “Free at last”, is what this third part is going to be called. The first one, which I shared with you a while back in the blog post “What counts as success” is called “It’s time”, and the title of the second one is “So alike”.
My process, when setting words to music is to listen to the music once to see if some words or a sentence comes to mind immediately. If they do, I have a couple of days when I listen to the music just to get to know the melody really well and without making any more writing attempts. I just listen and keep the words I initially got, when hearing the melody for the first time in my mind, so that my subconscious can come up with a story around those words. (I really love writing lyrics to melodies, instead of just writing lyrics without musical inspiration, so if anyone reading this is sitting on a piece of music in desperate need of words, I am happy to give it a go).
The melody I’ve been given from Fredrik is so very beautiful. It has got a very appealing sensitivity running through it, and at the same time it is very strong. I will have to match those opposites in my choice of lyrics, which will be a wonderful challenge.
I feel it would be a bit unfair to talk anymore about this precise project at this point in time, since I’m not sharing the music or any more of the lyrics with you right now. Instead I would like to say a few words about a Swedish legend within the entertainment business that sadly passed away very recently.
Jerry Williams was a Swedish singer and actor. Personally, I will always remember him because he stayed true to his art. During over five decades on stage he stuck to rock and roll, blue jeans, a white T-shirt and a black leather coat. He had his own unique style and he never disappointed his audience and fans. Off stage he lived a very private life with his family. Jerry Williams sadly lost a short battle with cancer on the 25 of March this year.
When I heard the news of Jerry William’s passing I commented on it like this on Facebook;
“I can still remember how happy I felt when I heard this song for the first time. It reminded me of summer, sun, warm weather, ice cream, sea, sand and most things that are positive and happy. The fact that I still can remember that joy and feel it again today, almost 30 years after the song was released, means that Jerry Williams did the right thing with his life if anyone was wondering. Thank you so much Jerry, for all your happy rock n’ roll songs, plus the more serious ones too. R.I.P.”
This is the song I was talking about.


Take care until next time and Happy Writing!


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