Pure joy

In my opinion, one of the biggest gifts I can be given in this world is when I hear a new song for the very first time and I realise it’s got absolutely everything I need from a song to make it a favourite. It becomes one of those pearls to put in to my private jewellery box of brilliant songs.

These gifts are quite rare these days, which is why they are so special when they appear. For those of you that have seen or heard about the Graham Norton Show, a talk show on BBC, Roger Daltrey (The Who) was one of the guests last week and he preformed his new single “As long as I have you” on the show. The performance totally absorbed me from the word go when I saw it last night. The band was out of this world, Roger’s voice is amazing, even more so considering he is not a sprig chicken anymore.  Maybe the lyrics didn’t reach any NEW poetic depts, but they were amazingly perfect, and they stuck immediately.

I don’t know if it’s possible, but I think I dreamt in the tempo of the song last night. If so, it must have been happy dreams, because it is a happy song. What I’m certain of is that the song was the first thing on my mind when I woke up and I just had to put it on immediately. I am still totally absorbed by the song and it has been playing on repeat a lot of the morning.

Thinking back, the last time a song hit me this hard was when I heard Adel’s “Rolling in The Deep” for the first time back in 2011. Then I actually started to cry of joy when hearing it for the very first time, because in my opinion it was THAT good, and it is still a very bright shining pearl in that jewellery box of mine.

I sometimes wonder if I’m normal or very, very abnormal when it comes to how I react to music, or what music makes me do. A really good song with certain elements built into it can totally take over my life for a while. One example happened in 1987, when it comes to doing silly things. This was way before the time of smart phones or computers for personal use. Instead it was during the days of MTV and thanks to that the golden days of music videos. Back then I was studying to become a Pre-school teacher and had rented a flat 3 km from the university. One evening I saw the video of the Bee Gees “You Win Again” for the first time on my parents old black and white telly that I had borrowed so that I had a telly in my flat. Again, this was a song I absolutely adored, and I soon figured out at what times the video was playing on a certain MTV show. One of those times was around midday, and for a while I cycled the 3 km home every day around 12 noon, just so I could listen to the song. Granted, it was around lunch time, with a fairly long break from lessons, and I wasn’t that keen on my studies anyway; still, it was quite extreme!  However, it was something I just had to do. There was some kind of hidden life force in the music that I needed to absorb the same way some people need to absorb various vitamins to feel better and more alive.

It is only while writing this that I, to my utter surprise, have notice that my three music examples are very closely related. Especially when it comes to the tempo and the drums.

As a new blogger, when it comes to blogging in a more serious and regular way, I try to follow hints and tips on how to be more successful. One of the things I have learned is that adding a lot of links to various pages in a blog, actually detracts readers, rather than pull them towards your site. I’ve also learned that it is very rare that someone actually click on the links recommended. 

Anyhow, since I am writing about lyric writing and music it is very hard not to link to various songs I am writing about. Therefore, I am going to include links to the three songs I’ve been talking about today as an example to show how similar the drums and the tempo are in the three songs. I’m putting these at the end of the blog.

Music is magical, and it can do magical things to the listener. Having realised the similarities in the drum beat in three personal favourites of mine through the decades, I’m starting to wonder if that precise beat possibly is emulating the beat and tempo of my soul’s unique life force? Who knows?

Take care until next time and happy writing!







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