A Million Dreams is all it’s gonna Take

Sometimes it’s a good thing to be interrupted. Yesterday was such a day. I had written half of my blog when I had to stop and after that I never got back to it. Today I realise how lucky that was, because yesterday I was on the brink of giving up and what I had written before having to take a break, was anything but fun.

Yes, I do despair because I can’t see any doors, windows or even a small crack of light anywhere that could be the one thing to bring my lyrics closer to anyone that will see some sort of potential in them and give me a chance. Yes, I do despair when people who have promised to do things, never fulfil their promises and do not even bother to communicate the reason why this is. I really don’t understand that kind of behaviour.


Equally I cannot understand that people don’t answer a simple question like; “Do you compose music to other people’s lyrics?” I asked that precise question recently of someone born in the same neck of the woods as I am, but I was totally ignored. Actually, It made me feel quite stupid. It felt like I was punching way above my weight and should know better than thinking that someone with this person’s skill should ever need to bother with someone like me.

Add to that the horrors about the competition that I have recently realised was nothing but a family business, filled with people who are now busy buying villas in exotic environments and building a life in warm and sunny places from money they’ve stolen from people’s dreams. Still, what I find even worse is that there seem to be so many individuals that, even after knowing this about the competition, are willing to continue to fund this family’s life of leisure. They continue to send in their songs and lyrics “for the fun of it”. That really makes me angry. Because while that is going on, there is no way of stopping this scam.

Anyway, putting all of that aside, I woke with a much brighter outlook on the world this morning and was very pleased that what I had written yesterday will never be published in this forum. Since Friday is a day when I don’t need to go out to work, I started my day by watching “The Greatest Showman” yet again. I absolutely love that film and can’t get enough of the songs.

One especially stuck with me this morning, because it really describes me and how I am as a person.

“Cause every night I lie in bed.
The brightest colours fill my head.
A million dreams are keeping me awake.
I think of what the world could be.
A vision of the one I see.
A million dreams is all it’s gonna take.
A million dreams for the world
I’m gonna make.”

I’ve always been a dreamer. It’s the best and the worst part of me at the same time. It was the part of me that helped me keep my sanity as a child, but it has also been the part of me that has made me crash and burn so many times, when one dream or another has either materialised, or has been so close that I could almost touch it, only for it to be taken away from me again. Those times being a dreamer is very hard, because it means that I crash and burn to a point from where I almost can’t find the strength to stand up, dust myself down, and start all over again.

What I thought of when hearing this song this morning was that I’ve been dreaming for over fifty years now and I’ve been dreaming a lot, so I can’t be far away from my million dreams. Therefore, I can’t stop now, because if I do all my accumulated dreams will roll over to the random person that is next in line for having their dreams realised, but who dared to dream for a bit longer than I did.

A million dreams is all it’s gonna take!


Take care until next time and Happy Writing!




An eye opening “out with the old…”

Is it still ok to wish people a happy new year? I suppose it is, since it’s still January, so “Happy New Year” everybody!

It has been three months, almost to the day, since I published a new blog about lyric writing. This is mainly because my life seems to be compartmentalised depending on the season, and the last quarter of the year is always put aside for my seasonal baking business. Then, when I have dug myself out of the last batch of biscuit dough, Christmas is upon us and after that I fall in to my yearly reoccurring January blues for a while. It normally takes until the last week in January before I feel capable of anything creative again.

Another reason for my silence has been that I have been running out of steam when it comes to keeping a positive attitude to my lyric writing. Yes, I still love writing, and I feel I’m progressing, but I find it difficult to see viable ways to get from a “happy” amateur writer, to someone who’s lyrics will be wanted by composers and singers. I just don’t know which way to turn to find a way to show the commercial music world that I exist.


This problem has become even more severe since I once and for all have closed the door on the competition that I have taken part in for five years now, and who, I felt, was a good barometer of where I was at with my writing. This year there have been too many strange things gong on within and around that particular competition for me to be able to take the competition seriously anymore on a professional level and as a sincere opportunity.

Don’t get me wrong, I collected two more semi-final places for my lyrics from them this year, which takes my tally up to 19 over the last five years. One was what they call a “Borderline finalist” and “seriously considered for the final”, but I really don’t care.
So, what is it that feels so dodgy then?

Well, I sent in two versions of one of my lyrics, because I made a mistake in my first attempt and sent in an earlier version than I had planned. There wasn’t much difference between the versions. Only one line had changed with three words. The first version was sent in early enough to be judged in the first session and got a place in the semis with seven points. The amended version was sent in on the last day of the whole competition and when the results finally arrived, I saw that it had been given five points and was nowhere near the semis. There were only three words difference between the versions and personally I felt the change has made the text better. I was very puzzled over this big difference of opinion, since the judges hadn’t changed. That is until a pattern started to emerge when I compared notes with other competitors. Then it started to show that most entries going in on the day of the deadline had been given a score of five points. The most plausible explanation was that no judge had ever looked at those entries.
After the results were announced there has also been other unexplained occurrences. The winners haven’t been sent any prizes yet or even been told what they should be. When one winner asked about this on the competitions FB-forum page, the thread was deleted instead of answered.

The winner in the jazz and blues category is still to be announced, two months after the rest of the results have been sorted. This year when entering this specific competition, the entries were automatically put in to various other competitions too with “grand” names. Well, one of the additional competitions cost an extra £3 if we wanted to enter, but they made it sound like a bargain. The only thing is that however many times someone have asked for names on judges, prizes etc in these extra competitions there has been no real answers.

The sad truth is starting to become clear. It looks like it is the same people that has invented these additional “opportunities” to make the opportunity look more attractive to take part in, in the first place. There is no “small print”, rules and regulations to be found anywhere, not one single judge is named and the home pages and FB pages for these competitions look very dead. I just checked the FB page for one of them and the last status is from September on a page that all in all has five updates. Still, this is the forum we as competitors have been asked to follow for updates. It’s all a big joke really, and there won’t ever again be any more entries from me into this particular place.
Am I angry? No. In many ways believing in this competition and the hope of some day become really successful in it has been willing me on and made me want to become a better writer. That in itself has been worth the money I have poured into the competition. I also truly believe that this competition started out with good intentions, but that greed finally has taken over. They used to have an awards gala every year where the winners got their prizes. There used to be a CD made with the winning songs. There used to be a “Grand Award Winner” that used to get a day in the studio with a famous producer etc. These prizes have little by little disappeared, to the point that the winners this year haven’t even been contacted by the competition organisers after the results were announced. And, as I said earlier, no prizes have been sent out.


But no, I’m not angry. Just disillusioned once more, and I won’t bother printing out my certificates this year, because my semi-finalist placements aren’t worth the ink I would waste. It is a competition that plays on people’s hopes and vanity but with no clout at al out in the real world, and the titles they award have the same value as monopoly money. So, for me this year has started with a really eye-opening “out with the old”.

Take care until next time and Happy Writing!