Fed up of social media

I know my headline may be a strange one for a blog that is supposed to be about song-lyrics, music and writing, but sadly there is no getting away from the effects of social media anywhere today. Whether I want to or not, the constant reminders and fleeting comments about how “you can’t make it without social media today”, strikes a fear in me and I somehow feel I will be left behind even more than I am today if I don’t develop my social media pages, and also increase the number of platforms I’m using.

My problem is that I am so bored with and fed up by everything that has to do with social media. I am getting to the end of a social media marketing course that, admittedly, has been fairly interesting, however I have also realised that it is not relevant for me and my situation. It doesn’t matter how many collaborators I could lure to my, at the moment, non-existing website via clever tweets or wonderful Instagram pictures of my cats, dog or the local nature. I really don’t have enough success stories behind me to keep someone interested of my lyric writing, as things are today. Why would I then waste time writing clever tweets or come up with the right hashtags and also the right number of hashtags to my Instagram pictures? I’ve learned through my social media course that 13 hashtags per Instagram picture gives the optimal number of clicks to my picture.


Personally, I find it a horrendous waste of time figuring out 13 different hashtags to every picture. Especially since I don’t think 17 semi-final places in UK songwriting contest and one good placement in the SongDoor competition will make that many composers believe in my potential. In my experience most people looking for collaborators are searching for someone that already has had more success than themselves, or is showing more potential.

This social media course is also telling me that the worst thing I can do on my FB business page is to sell. Instead I am supposed to build up a relationship with my followers and make them trust me via my organic posts. If I advertise, that has to be done in a clever way too, so that people don’t think that I am advertising. I’m supposed to do it via a “Click to action” advert. “Like this”, Click here”, etc. that then takes the person clicking on my link to my website or wherever I want to take them.

Since the FB algorithm recently changed and only 1% of my followers on my business site will actually see my organic posts, it seems like a terrible waste of time to spend energy trying to build up a relationship in that way. My normal FB page looks more and more like a dumping place for all the junk mail that use to come through the letterbox. At least I had the choice to put a notice on my mailbox opting out from receiving junk mail but getting rid of the constant flow of adverts on FB would be a fulltime occupation.
Yesterday evening I watched the programme “Panorama” and an episode called Smartphones: The dark side. All I have sort of known about how we are manipulated to spend more and more time on our phones through the pings when someone is messaging us and the red colour on the number of messages we have, made me feel both stupid and angry. All companies crating various apps and social media platforms have people working for them who are well educated in how to control people’s minds. They know exactly which buttons to press, pardon the pun, to make us spend more and more time on various pages, – all this so that they can show a growth in their quarterly financial report and keep their sponsors happy to invest in them again.

One of the app developers even showed that he kept his smartphone in monochrome colours, to prevent some of the addiction the use of our smart phones creates via colours carefully chosen by developers to make our brains behave in a certain way.

Mark Zuckerberg, creator and CEO of Facebook, today “owns” two third of the worlds population, because that is now how many of us who have a FB account. These days he also owns Instagram and WhatsApp. He maintains that social media is good for us, because connecting with people is a good thing. Is it only me that feels like no one is connecting with anyone anymore? Not for real. IRL (in real life) has to be added these days, if we say we have been talking to someone, because most people think that “talking” mean chatting or facetime or anything but real life. The space awareness on the streets has become ridiculous. No one looks where they walk anymore, because the street isn’t where people are at, even when walking. They are in what ever world they have chosen on their phones whilst getting from point A to point B. It infuriates me, when I have to shout out “be careful”, watch out” or “excuse me” numerous times when I am walking my dog, because people are about to walk in to me or have stopped in the middle of the street to check out a bit more carefully something on their phone. And these “drones” don’t even say excuse me anymore, because they are so within their own bubble, that it doesn’t even enter their minds that being polite “in real life” still is a good option.

From today I will take away FB and Instagram from my phone. I only check them by habit anyway and take part in the conversation less and less. I would cancel my accounts, and it still may come to that, but the fear of getting left behind is sitting there, nagging me. Therefore, I will do the next best thing and only give myself access to these platforms when I’m on my PC.

I can’t help but draw parallels between “The Borg” in Star Trek and FB. “We are Borg. We will assimilate you. Resistance is futile.” While I still can, I will refuse to become a drone and a slave to the way FB and other big platforms want me to think. It may be an illusion, but I choose to evoke my right of free choice!

Take care until next time and Happy Writing!